Circular plastic economy innovation hub

The Circular Plastic Innovation Hub (CPIEHub) is funded by the British Council and implemented under the Innovation for African Universities (IAU) project. The project seeks to partner with major industry stakeholders and experts to foster the culture of innovation in the plastic economy sector among students, entrepreneurs, and researchers in Nigeria. 

Digital Innovations for Transitioning to a Circular Plastic Economy (DITCh Plastic)

DITCh plastic is a UKRI-GCRF funded multi-sectoral, international, and interdisciplinary project that is promoting and supporting digital innovations that would accelerate the transition to a circular plastic economy in Africa.

Circular Plastic: Utilising frontier technology and user centred design to add value to plastic waste, facilitating entrepreneurship and employment.

Circular Plastic is a UKRI-GCRF funded Challenge Cluster that brings together a collection of previous GCRF projects which aim to tackle the ever-growing challenge of managing plastic waste in Low Middle-Income Countries through frontier technologies such as 3D printing and user-centred design.

Sustainability, inclusiveness and governance of mini-grids in Africa (SIGMA)

SIGMA is a UKRI-GCRF funded project which aims to improve the understanding of sustainability, inclusiveness and governance of mini-grids in general and those in sub-Saharan Africa in particular, by developing an improved evidence base and a multi-dimensional appreciation of issues and challenges that can support better decision-making for universal electrification globally.

Assessing the informal waste sector contribution to Nepal’s circularity transition

Funded by the Royal Academy of engineering through the  Frontiers of Engineering for Development programme, the project aims to generate and contribute knowledge and provide policy recommendations to strengthen and catalyse the informal waste sector in Nepal to transition to a circular economy.

Wealth from Waste: Value added products for Chennai Waste Pickers.

This project seeks to understand if waste pickers can be; empowered and enhance their skills, by converting plastic waste into this high value filament for 3D printing.  Funded by the Royal academy of engineering   Frontiers of Engineering for Development.


Tapping Peri-Urban Energy Perspectives, Preferences and Prospects.  This project focused on quantifying the perceived cost of electricity interruptions, as well as their frequency of occurrence and duration in Lagos, Nigeria.  Funded by the Royal academy of Engineering.

Developing local capacity for building affordable self-sufficient homes

This project focused on establishing scientific methods to co-design a self-sufficient home, using local skills, local/upcycled materials as well as ensuring social acceptability within the community.  Funded by the Royal academy of Engineering.